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About Narrew

About cellar door consultants Rose & Ray Warner

A little about us…

Narrew was the name of our family home in Tea Tree Gully, a north-eastern suburb of Adelaide; and is now the name of our 2 acre property on the north eastern side of Clare, overlooking the Country Club, the Golf Club and Inchiquin Lake; as well as our current hobby business name.

We retired to the Clare Valley in 1997 having spent the previous 20 years enjoying and collecting the fantastic wines. I was a public sector auditor with the State Government, and Rose worked in retail in the Scout Shop. Both of us having spent more than 10 years in the scouting movement in varying capacities.

When we first started visiting the Clare Valley, there were 11 wineries with cellar doors. Now there are 52 sales outlets; the majority of which are family run.

Within weeks of arriving, Rose and I were asked to look after one of the Watervale winery’s cellar door, so that the owners could have a few days off. We now have this small hobby business which has provided relief to some 20 plus family wineries. As we needed to have a knowledge of all wines which were on sale in the Valley and other tourist information, we decided to collect the information from the wineries and other sources. A 40 page booklet was subsequently produced, every 6 months until August 2013, to assist us in providing answers to questions from visitors.

Two “wine” listings were included in the booklet along with other visitor information. The listings were in winery order and wine type order. All wineries in the Valley were provided with a copy. This information was updated every 6 months and published in February and August. The 26th and last edition was released in early August 2013. The Clare Valley Winemakers have issued one updated edition of the listings in August 2016. The 2017 edition is still to be issued.

Enjoy our site.

Ray & Rose Warner
Photo: Us on our Singapore to Sydney cruise